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RE: Guide to Steem Diamond

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Your tribe makes no sense at all, neither does your voting habits for those that are promoting your tribe. I learned about this tribe from this post by @ironshield

Where he gave a promising description of your tribe. In return you gave him a vote worth 49 diamonds.

Then as I was looking around your tribe page, I found this half assed post about trying to explain what the tribe is

You felt the need to upvote this post that explains nothing with 736 diamonds. With the fact that you are selling these tokens for 0.5 steem on Steem Engine, I don't see how this post is worth over 350 Steem...


Hi @derangedvisions, you mentioned my name, so I wanted to comment.

When I see a new tribe I assume the best. There is potential for Steem diamond to have an excellent future ahead. Time will tell. I'm willing to offer some support and ride along.

When giving the promising description on Steem diamond, I focused mostly on the potential of a future Steem value increase and the tribes tagging along. Hopefully Steem diamond will also implement some value added features to keep it's value high in proportion to Steem.

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hit me up on discord. i have something to show you