Went Randonauting Again This Time In A Lake Tourist Town

in hive-140217 •  12 days ago 

Been trying to get out as much as possible while it's hot to collect the sun energy!! Been busy going here and there. Even went on a fairly intensive bike ride the other day. Somehow I'm feeling better. All of my life stuff is coming together, all the trouble and the greatness! Still I will be busy tomorrow. Gotta help move a friend, again! I'm feeling that change though. Playing the Randonautica game seems to help. I sent my intent for good luck even though I don't believe in it.

This is part one of the playing the game in this town. The app took me to a pathway along the lake! It was a neat place, helped make for a good day!! Can't wait to help the friend move to get back to being lucid in the intellect, curate my arts and sounds as well as venture out more. We are getting poor again too so I want to keep getting my game on

Here is the clip from the Randonautica location

Can't wait to put up the next locations soon

I also love to make music, here are my links

Synthesis Underground


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Morning places are always beautiful.