Potential Opportunities For Ethereum 2.0 Collateral!

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During this period, the whole digital money market has been in a state of being out of touch. Bitcoin has repeatedly surged up to $10000 and been beaten back to the prototype. Ethereum always fluctuates between $220 and $240. Due to the decline of the mainstream currency, people's attention gradually shifted to various competitive currencies, hoping to find new opportunities and hidden treasures from a large number of small currencies.


Recently, a number of Ethereum DFI project tokens have a good increase, but the development potential of these project tokens is always limited, because the current performance of Ethereum itself is low, these applications can never play a great role, so the value brought is always limited.

Ethereum 2.0 is now in the process of developing phase 0 beacon chain. At present, the beacon chain is only on-line test network. Judging from the current progress, the test network is progressing smoothly, so there is no accident. It is possible that the main network of beacon chain will be on-line by the end of this year.

Once the mining mode of the miners on the main network of the beacon chain becomes POS, and nodes are required to mortgage the Ethereum to participate in POS mining, so the chance of Ethereum 2.0 mortgage may come this year.

According to the definition of beacon chain, as long as 32 ethers are mortgaged, they can participate in the mortgage mining of beacon chain. According to current estimates, in the early stage of the online beacon chain, the number of nodes participating in the mortgage will be very small, so the mortgage income will be relatively high, and it is estimated that the annual rate of return can reach 25% or even higher, while in the later stage, with more and more nodes joining, the rate of return will gradually decline until it reaches a balance state.

Therefore, participating in the mortgage of beacon chain is an opportunity to gain income. But this is a relatively fixed income, and the mortgage of ether currency may create another greater opportunity, which may last for the next two to three years.

According to the mortgage rules of the beacon chain, once the users involved in the beacon chain mortgage have mortgaged 32 etheric coins, they can choose to continue to participate in the mortgage, or they can choose to withdraw from the mortgage and get back the etheric coins after a period of time. But even if the user withdraws from the mortgage and takes back 32 ethers, the currency can no longer participate in transactions and transfers.

When can the user get back the Ethernet currency to participate in the transaction and transfer again? Wait until the last phase of Ethereum 2.0 (phase 2) is completed. The earliest estimate of the completion of this stage is two to three years later.

That is to say, once the user participates in the mortgage of beacon chain, whether he withdraws halfway or not, the Ethernet currency he participates in the pledge will be frozen in the account in the next two to three years or even longer, and cannot be traded or transferred.

During this period, if the ether currency has been appreciating, the user will feel at ease. But if the ether currency has fallen or fluctuated dramatically during this period, the user can only watch the market change helplessly. This is a huge psychological test for short-term operators, which will make them feel that they have missed the opportunity to make the difference.

Therefore, the market is bound to have a new business in the next few years - the borrowing and lending of ether currency. There will be many users who participate in beacon chain mortgage who want to seize the opportunity of earning difference in the market by borrowing and lending Ethernet currency when they see the price of Ethernet currency changes dramatically.

If we add the leverage provided by the major exchanges to the borrowing of etheric currency, the space generated by the market will be multiplied by the leverage.

Therefore, friends with more etheric coins in hand can pay close attention to the changes in the liquidity of the etheric currency market after the beacon chain is put online, and grasp the opportunity of etheric currency lending.

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