Diamond Staking Reward

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Daily Rewards for Staking steemdiamond40.pngDIAMOND (Proof Of stake) POS

What is Proof of Stake (POS)
The Probability of validating a new block is determined by how large of a stake a person hold (how many coins they possess)

Proof of Stake essentially validates and rewards users for "Staking Reward" their tokens - an action of locking these tokens to the network. Proof of Stake from that point pays interest to users that have their tokens locked or "staked" without any extra work involved. The algorithm - a diverse functionality of SCOT bot - works behind the scene to validate the blocks in a fashion which rewards users that have any staked DIAMOND at all.

Everyone who has at least some staked DIAMOND will eventually receive airdropped tokens created from the blockchain as more and more blocks are validated over time. The more staked DIAMOND you have the more airdropped tokens you will receive, so keep staking that DIAMOND!