Tutorial Steem Diamond

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Ok, this time I will explain what is Steem Diamond

STEEM DIAMOND is a container for the authors of the article, where we will get a token that is Diamond Token if anyone vote our article, it may be very similar to Steemit where his users allow to get the token Steem.

How to get diamond token?
Ok way very easy, login using Steem, which has not listed in Steem please have to register first via Steem, if you have a login please click on the part or write mark then, you just wrote the article What you guys want Create.
Ok, that first of me, sorry if there is a word error in my writing, keep a monitor my blog and follow me ok thanks.


This doesn't explain anything about Steem Diamond, and the fact that you got a massive upvote from @diamondtoken for writing this makes me lose any type of hope in the tribe.