Steem Diamond Tribe - Legit or Scam?

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WTF is Steem Diamond?


Steem Diamond is a blogging platform. On Steemdiamond, people earn
rewards in form of cryptocurrency when their blogs get upvoted by
other users of the Steem Diamond.source

This is taken from the @diamondtoken's Guide to SteemDiamond post from their front end. The post doesn't really explain much about the tribe or go in-depth on anything.

When I was checking out the front end, I noticed that in the past 4 days, there were only a couple posts that had been made there, 3 of them by the @diamondtoken account, two from @hermit41 and two from two other users. One thing I found interesting was the votes on the @hermit41 posts because the @diamondtoken account gave one of @hermit41 posts a very large vote for an article about diamond token that was poorly written and didn't explain anything.

So I started to wonder who was behind the @diamondtoken and the whole Steem Diamond tribe since the announcement post from @diamondtoken didn't say anything about it.

Screen Shot 20200113 at 9.03.09 AM.png

So 10 days ago, the @diamondtoken was created by @btcf, but who is @btcf?

Screen Shot 20200113 at 9.05.18 AM.png

@btcf was created 33 days ago by @hermit41. While I feel that anyone should have the opportunity to create a tribe that can help build a community and help the ecosystem as a whole. I think it is also our duty to look after one another to try and keep each other from making mistakes when it comes to being scammed.

I am not directly calling @hermit41 a scammer. You can scroll through his posts on his timeline and draw your own conclusions. He only has two posts that have ever made any money though. His test post that was actually a stolen intro post that was written by someone else and he later changed it to be the test post.

Screen Shot 20200113 at 9.12.09 AM.png

This is the original block containing the body of the stolen post:

I guess in short, just do a bit of research before you start buying some tokens off of Steem Engine. Help each other out when it comes to reducing the amount of scamming that is going on here on the blockchain. We all have a duty to keep our blockchain as free of that stuff as possible because the only way we will be taken seriously is if we all work together to reduce it.

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STEEM Larimer’s Vision Token? I’ll take 1000 of them please, lol.

Daned Lariscott's Steemtoshi Vision is obviously the one true coin.


That's NedCash.

Get ready for SMTs. Many more scams to come.

Yep. That’s why we all have to look out for each other.

@derangedvisions - nice piece of detective work for the sake of your fellow Steemians! Like you said, we all need to look out for each other!!

Thanks. I’ve got others looking into as well now.

Steem-engine have a beautiful "I" picture on ever token, which will give you info about a token if the owner wants to describe their token.
Read that and make up your own mind, thats what I do :D

Sometimes it takes a lot more digging than that.

Yes sometimes. But sometimes it doesn't :D

This is future I hope innocent people will not be scammed by using the name of steem to operate....every one should also do their due research...

Thanks for looking out

Lol anything in crypto that has cash, diamond or gold or any sort of commodity attached to its name sends off red flags for me! I think steemians are pretty big on being their own detective and it takes one to find out before youNre in the shit as compared to other scams particularly on ETH that are run through telegram groups where you don’t know who is who in the zoo

Exactly. I am just hoping some people that didn’t want to investigate will see this and learn something about the why it is important to always get a little background before putting money into things.

Considering all the points you mentioned it has a high probability of being as scam. Thank you for the advice.

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You are welcome.

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I think soon tons of shit will pour on us)

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It means that Steem is getting popular.

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True. It usually is a good sign when the scamming attempts go up. lol

Sounds like a trustworthy individual, thanks for letting me know.

I noticed the token yesterday or the day before, checked out the front end and only saw 1 post from the tribe account. Saw the lack of information etc, closed it and didn't bother at the time, but thanks for mentioning the other facts and now I am definitely not considering any of it!

No problem. The lack of info and the information trail is pretty concerning.

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Oh, shit peoples are very bad minded.. I don't know this spamming... Really sad i,

I don't know, every one is spamming, using comments, i Don't believe

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